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Memento Mori
Выпуск 33

— No other story today! It’s Daniil’s birthday!!!
— What do we actually know about Daniil — some unknown facts revealed exclusively for Lingvistov podcast!
— Spontaneous interview with Daniil
— First recollections from childhood: blue baby bouncers and kindergarteners
— First school teachers, bad decisions and how the Writing began
— Parents are not our biggest fans: how Asia’s parents evaluated her first attempts to write
— Do you ever dream and think in English?
— The dark side of birthdays: 21 was not a good number
— Karaoke: we’re going to sing trashy Russian chanson
— The process of writing: ideas, situations, first sentences and titles
— New story!!! The Case of the Lost Sausage — Part I
— Good news: bearded communities and our doodles spreading all over the Internet like a plague!

СКАЧАТЬ ВЫПУСК   34:37, 10.6 Мб
добавлен 01.08.13 21:48

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