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I even washed my hair
Выпуск 4

— Freedom! Asya bids adieu to her boss and colleagues
— Lady Gaga: I am not a teenager but... and Landysh dreams about Gerard Butler
— A guide into the mind of a disturbed artist or a girl whose name rhymes only with «Пыдыщ»
— Monkeys on the stage: Why the world lost the greatest accordion player
— Let’s talk about art: Wallpapers make the best canvases
— Love is in the air: Why Landysh scares off all the men and where potential boyfriends hide
— Oscar Wilde on badly written books, chaotic lives and Landysh is getting really serious
— Listeners’ comments: «It doesn’t matter that no one listens to you. You guys are having fun!»
— Landysh leaving the States: henna tattoos and American bars

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