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Anna Who Disabeard
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— LINGVISTOV Team finally together! Asia, Daniil and Landysh are in Saint-Petersburg
— Landysh: a bad guide who talks too much and gets easily distracted
— LINGVISTOV future plans: Driving Durov out of his Nevskiy office and settling there!
— Landysh and a hookah: Sitting in a smoky room and doodling
— Message from Rhyne Curton in Charlotte, NC: Our American listener and dear friend!
— Tatar-Russian-English or how you can kill Landysh with your bad pronunciation
— Unrest in Turkey: Getting the news from the protesters on the street
— Americans and Thanksgiving: Turkey pies, turkey donuts, turkey hotdogs, and turkey flavoured coffee
— Oh baby soup: Eating a cucumber and drinking milk
— Supervision: The mystery of ultraviolet light and x-raying babies
— Beardology: Why women find bearded men hot
— The Adventures of a Bearded Man in a Beardless World, Part 1
— Our priority destination: McDonalds with hookahs in Egypt
— Check out our Doodle Contest: ссылка

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