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Interview: Crazy Algerians
Выпуск 25

— Interview with Mus from magnificent Algeria!
— Why a foreigner has a profile in vkontakte: Friends and music
— Language issues in Algeria: speaking French like the French
— A love story between France and Algeria and the Arab spring
— Algerian president: dead or alive?
— Strategy of the Algerian government: not to piss off everybody
— Marseille — the 49th arrondissement of Algeria
— African markets! Colours, spices, sand and the most beautiful sunsets!
— Rich Algerian cuisine and bread cooked in the sand
— Big Arab families and difficult life of people in Algeria
— Cheap work force: intelligent people doing manual work in developed countries
— Women in Algeria and why you mustn’t take photos of local people
— Weird Easter traditions and dangerous Algerian celebrations
— Going to France by a boat and burning visas
— Colonized brain of the Algerians: poor people of the rich country

СКАЧАТЬ ВЫПУСК   29:29, 9.3 Мб
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