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Deja Vu
Выпуск 25

— Repeating the introduction and emotions after forgetting to switch on the recorder
— Suicide in Notre-Dame de Paris: killing oneself to send the message against same-sex marriages
— Why gay people marry? It turns out for the same reasons straight people do.
— Is suicidal behaviour a disease? And is it a weakness to commit one?
— Anti-depressants: Landysh is living up to an image of a proper artist
— Aldous Huxley’s experiments with drugs and how the world profited from it
— Blackholes can actually be wormholes: would you take a risk?
— Travelling through the Universe and how «The Sliders» is the best Tv show ever!
— Immortality: you get to be either a cyborg or a vampire, no other options available! And no zombies
— LINGVISTOV Doodle Contest: vote and submit funny captions and maybe you’ll win our T-Shirts! ссылка

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