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Выпуск 22

— Landysh and Asia finally seeing each other’s faces and waiting for Daniil to join them in St.Peterburg!
— Brawl in Venezuelan parlament: our Duma looks quite tame in comparison
— Lenin zombie! Seeing dead people and the purpose of embalmed world leaders
— Climate change: can anything be done to prevent it or is it really imminent?
— Future Disasters American-style: will we live to see anything spectacular?
— Perfect gift for a man: A shirt that can be worn for 100 days without washing
— F-Word: a universal word that can be used in any situation
— An OFFice job: don’t you ever have one!
— Beards are hot! Landysh’s strange obsession with beards
— The science of beardology: theory and practice of growing the beard of your dreams
— The Adventures of Kim Jong-Un, Part 8 — we think it’s coming to an end because North Korea are pussies!
— Happy Labour Day and write to us: info@lingvistov.ru.

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