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Pessimistic Future
Выпуск 20

— Shopping as a subconscious purpose: If it’s beautiful and useless, you have to have it!
— Serious news: Earthquake in Iran, and why anything happening in the US is more important than major disasters anywhere else in the world
— Mystery of North Korean female soldiers: Why do they wear high-heels? Our hypotheses
— Medical advice from LINGVISTOV: Love your kidneys.
— One-way ticket to Mars: want to lose your bone and muscle mass? Apply now!
— Bright future for humanity: If you get too fat you can buy another body! Synthetic bodies and fully sedentary lifestyles of future generations
— Slightly tubby Bradford Batman charged with burgling a garage
— Who is your favourite superhero? Angelina Jolie of course!
— Modern version of Alice in Wonderland: Following giant rats
— Time-shifting: quit your job for a medieval or soviet piece of paradise!
— Part 6 of the Adventures of Kim Jong-Un, the Brilliant Comrade
— Wait for the LINGVISTOV video and follow everything that’s going on on our website: lingvistov.ru!

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