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Don’t give me that dirty diaper look!
Выпуск 11

— Asia is in Chelny! Unbelievable! It’s a family reunion!
— A Russian family lived in taiga not knowing about World War II
— Living in isolation: are people that annoying?
— Raw eaters: do not torture your children, they deserve to have a choice
— The mole people: society that lives under your feet
— Crazy women with cats and why Landysh walks with four bottles of water everyday during summer
— Helping homeless people: a real business and who actually gets the money you give in the end
— Street artists: Asia is going to pimp Landysh on the streets of St.Petersburg
— Foodalicios: supermodels eating sandwiches on the tropical beach
— This is love: eating a sandwich in front of your partner
— Late-night eaters: when do you usually eat and why are people on diets always hungry?

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