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(Pre-Intermediate) He Will Regret This
Выпуск 14

Подкаст для пополнения словарного запаса и изучения разговорного английского языка

— Hello, Jane. Can I distract you for a moment?
— Sure.
— Could you help me? You don’t have to if you are too busy.
— No, it’s ok. You are not disturbing me.
— Well, I can’t figure out how to register on this website. Could you give me a hand?
— The website of the National Opera in Paris? I didn’t know you were into classical music.
— Yes, classical music has a positive impact on my mood and productivity. Aren’t you keen on it?
— I think I am better off with plain honest rock.
— Anyway, in a week I am off to my friend who lives in Paris. And there is no point in visiting Paris if you can’t go the opera.
— Do you expect there are any tickets left?
— I don’t know. But I got in touch with my friend. He said that even if there are tickets on the official website, we might be able to buy tickets from some people right before the concert.
— I doubt it very much.

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