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(Pre-Intermediate) Help! Help!
Выпуск 12

Подкаст для пополнения словарного запаса и изучения разговорного английского языка

— Excuse me. Could you help me? I am looking for a grocery store. Could you tell me where it is?
— Sure, no problem. It’s not far from here. You can walk. Actually, you know what? Follow me, I will show you.
— Oh, I can’t thank you enough!
— Oh, my Gosh! This is a big supermarket!
— It is the biggest one around here.
— Can I ask you another favor?
— Yes, of course!
— I can’t see well enough. I left my glasses at home. Would you mind helping me pick up some things? I’d really appreciate it.
— Sure. What do you need?
— I need cheese, ketchup and I need two packets of potato chips.
— Here you are! Is that it?
— Yes, thank you. You’ve been very helpful. Could you give me a hand with these grocery bags?
— Ok.
— Just one more thing... do you have the time?
— Err, yep, a bit.
— My new apartment is on the twentieth floor and the elevator doesn’t work. Could you help me get the bags to my door?
— I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t, I must be off now and I’m very busy.
— It won’t take long. You’re in good shape, it will be easy for you!
— I’m sorry, I can’t. Is that ok?
— It’s fine. I just thought I’d ask. Anyway, thank you!
— Bye. I am glad I could help.

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