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(Pre-Intermediate) Fishing for compliments
Выпуск 3

Подкаст для пополнения словарного запаса и изучения разговорного английского языка

— Hello, Mark, how are things? You look unhappy and exhausted.
— Oh, Sonya, my life is so complicated!
— What’s wrong?
— I am a middle-aged man who lives in a dormitory. I didn’t live up to my parents’ expectations. I can’t score a good job. And I can’t find a compatible girlfriend. My life is a mess.
— Oh, no, it’s not true. You’re just fishing for compliments.
— No, really. On top of that, I can’t give up smoking and I know I should cut down on sweets. I can’t even persuade myself to go to the gym once a week.
— You are being to harsh on yourself. You are a very attractive guy and a good mixer. And you shouldn’t let other people’s opinion offend you.
— You’re right. I suppose I need to find a good role model... Maybe Chuck Norris. Yep, that’s right. I want to be like Chuck Norris.

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